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I’m Kristi Clover.

The Founder and Dreamer behind the Simply Joyful Podcast. 

I help Christian women find sanity and joy in the throws of mom life!

I really had no idea where all of this would end up, but I knew I had to help other moms...

I will never forget the first time I spoke at a MOPS group back in 2006. I poured my heart in to a message on home organization. I knew what it felt like to feel buried in the chaos of mom life and wanted to encourage moms to find more efficient ways to get things done. I was noticing the crazy tailspin that moms were getting themselves into. Pinterest was just becoming a thing and people were so hyper focused on pouring everything into their kids and homes. Not that this is a bad thing in and of itself, but I just saw how women were exhausting themselves trying to measure up to something...but what and who I'm not sure any of us knew.

I knew first hand what it was like to feel like my world was spinning. My husband was traveling almost every week, I had two little boys who were like toddler tornadoes in my home, I had dreams that I felt like I had to push down. I was struggling to figure out each new stage of motherhood, trying to make sure we had a game plan for meals, trying to keep on top of my mess the kids and I seemed to create in every room of the house (yes, I struggle with messiness), and top it all off with the insomnia that I had been struggling with for years and you've got the perfect storm for feeling completely overwhelmed.


As the years progressed, I leaned into mentors in my life and researched more efficient ways to run my household. As I started implementing new routines into our lives, things started getting a little easier and I found I had a little more space to breathe. Breathing is a good thing, right?

After that 2006 talk when I shared all my crazy hacks with the moms in the room, I remember feeling a little embarrassed that I just admitted to the world that I wasn’t perfect and I struggled and I broke a lot of “homemaking” rules to pull things off. Yet, what I found was that it hit home for so many of the women listening. I had women sharing with me in tears how much they appreciated my honesty and hearing how I do things. I felt like that day opened a new passion in my heart, the need to help and encourage women to give themselves more grace and learn ways to be more efficient in their homes.

Once live video streaming entered the world, I found the perfect way to get my message out.

And thus began a new adventure...

My story really began after...

Believe it or not, I started my online business after Caitlyn, our fifth, was born with a little blog called Raising Clovers. We were in the throws of homeschooling and managing our busy household, my husband was still traveling, but the stirring in my heart could not be quieted. I had taken a break from speaking after our third was born and really focused in on managing our home well and figuring out homeschooling with lots of kids. Yet this was the very timing God used, to open the door to my online career.

Passionate about helping families

My passion is to encourage families to implement simple changes in
their home life to bring about more joy. I'm not a minimalist, I'm about creating efficiency in your day. If clutter is in the way (physical, schedule, or mental) then I want to help you find ways to eliminate it so you are free to have more time on what is most important in your life.

I knew that...

Women were facing new burdens with the dozens of new social media platforms popping up
every year. The comparison game has never been as hard to resist as it is now. It’s the one “game” that victors arise when not played. Those pretty pictures we see online aren’t the full story. We all know that in our heads, but we
struggle in our hearts.

Nobody has it all together…at least not all the time. We are meant to encourage one another!


I wanted to create something meaningful.

God created you to be YOU! I want to off practical tips on how to help you get organized so you can joyfully live out the life God has for you.

I'm on a mission to help Christian women discover who they are in Christ! 

You have unique gifts that He wants to use for His glory even as
you are going about your day at home. Folding laundry takes on new purpose when you are grateful for the little bodies that wear them, the provision that you have them, and the home, no matter the size or mess-level.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."


Here's how I can help

If you have a great product, book, or company that you think would be a good fit for me and my audience, I'd love to hear more. I'm always looking for new sponsors to be highlighted and featured on the Simply Joyful podcast, blog posts, and videos. I’ve had the pleasure of working with organizations and brands such as The Container Store, DaySpring, Costco, and many other incredible teams. So, let's start the conversation. Please send an email to my team at [email protected]. In the subject line, write ‘Let’s Work Together.’ Be sure to include your company (or brand) overview with your collaboration thoughts and ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Press & Media

If you are interested in Kristi being a guest on your podcast or speaking at your event, please email us at [email protected].  

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